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​Teacher Training.

We are the first Teacher Training course in Ireland to offer the PhysicalMind Institute certificate to our successful students.

The PhysicalMind Institute is the original teacher training course set up more than 30 years ago and is recognised world wide.

Would you like to become a Pilates Instructor? 
Contact us for more information.
Specialised private sessions for Pink Ribbon.

Our Pink Ribbon course is designed for breast cancer survivors.

If you are looking to ease your way back into exercise and help regain your strength and mobility this is the course for you.

The Pink Ribbon Program was founded by Doreen Puglisi in 2004 and has been helping clients ever since.

We are very grateful we can offer this course.


With the choice of Mat & TYE4 classes you'll soon find what suits you best.
All our classes are kept to a maximum of 6 participants for your comfort.
We encourage all our clients to have fun and enjoy their path to improving their body and health.
You'll receive individual attenion with high quality training.
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