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The original wearable resistance training system invented by Joan Breibart.


TYE4 is a unique, wearable resistance & assistance harness which supports and lifts the torso to ensure correct posture. It has comfortable hand and foot straps attached by strong bungee cords. These adjustable bungees can challenge and assist every exercise.


It functions like a Pilates Reformer but with the added bonus of being portable and affordable.


Learning how to use TYE4 will enhance flexibility, strength, mobility, stability and teach proper alignment working through a full range of motion.


With many variations you'll be left wanting more after each session.

TYE4 is exclusive in Ireland to Arlene Ryan Pilates.



Sometimes we find ourselves restricted in certain exercises, TYE4 can be safely used in standing Pilates and seated Pilates.

TYE4 is suitable for all abilities.

TYE4 Inventor Joan Breibart demonstrating bungee ties.

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